Do Less. Slow Down: The Counter-Intuitive Approach To Strategic, Sane, Sustainable Content Marketing Success

Ann is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author who speaks worldwide about how businesses can escape marketing mediocrity to ignite tangible results. IBM named her one of the 7 people shaping modern marketing. She is the Chief Content Officer of MarketingProfs; a LinkedIn Influencer; a keynote speaker, mom, dog person, and writer.

Modern marketing is fast-paced. Real-time. Right now. Always-on, transparent, honest conversations. Unprecedented access between people and organizations.

But is fast, always-on really the path to your organization's marketing transformation? It turns out that the organizations seeing the most success with marketing and content today choose... wait for it... to: Slow. Down. Do less. And obsess in key areas.

In this non-boring, fun, relatable talk, Ann Handley is your Marketing 2020 Tour Guide, annotating your tour of how the smartest organizations are creating less. Slowing down. And sustaining REAL results.

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