How to Convert, Test and Learn with Social Media Marketing

Nicole E. Spears is a senior content strategist at Upward Brand Interactions. She's passionate about translating her clients' mission to resonate with audiences across digital platforms, particularly using social media advertising and community management. She is currently pursuing a master's degree in Emerging Media from Loyola University Maryland.

At the dawn of social media, brands saw the distinct advantage of gaining two-way engagement with their customers. But as the platforms have changed and ad budgets have grown, this aspect may no longer be the key to brand success.

So, what is? This workshop will bring you up-to-date in the realm of social media marketing by covering:

The State of Social 2020: platform demographics, strengths + weaknesses, broad trends in SMM
Optimizing your social presence and strategy for lead generation
Creating a test and learn framework for your social advertising program
Cross-industry case studies on brands that are doing it right

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